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EEO Enterprise  is here to represent you against the Agency.  Our Representatives have handled hundreds of cases and fight for your rights and seek the maximum award available and best accomodations for your case.

Representation for Informal Counseling, Formal Investigation, and all stages of Administative Hearings.

 Problems that can happen to Complainants who don't have Representation

Making the Complaint and Formal Investigation:

EEO Counslors and Mediator often try to talk you out of pursuing your case, tell you that you don't have a case, and may give you wrong information. Yes, it happens.


The EEO Counselor will ask for more and more time to conduct the informal counseling. The Agency wants to take as long as possible to wear you down and drop the case.


The EEO Investigator will give the Agency months to provide information and then give you only a few days to provide rebuttal.


After you tell the EEO Counselor your complaint, they will frame your complaint in the worst way for you, and in the best way for the Agency.


The Agency will "fragment" your complaint, breaking it down into many small issues and not combining them into one big hostile work environment complaint.


The Agency will wrongfully dismiss your case before the investigation hoping you will not  properly file an appeal to make them investigate your claim.


The EEO Investigator will not conduct a complete investigation, and/or will let the Agency's witnesses provide incomplete or irrelevant answers.


What the Agencies do in the Administrative Hearing Process:


The Agency is  going to try to scare you, saying that you have give them a ridiculous amount of information and try to make you feel overwhelmed so you will drop your case. They are betting that you do not know the limits of what you actually have to provide, and will not know the proper way to object.

The Agency will object to all of your discovery requests because you may not know the proper way to phrase your requests for information and documents. And you may not file a Motion to Compel within the very short time frame so they will never have to give you the evidence you need for your case.


They Agency will file motions again hoping you do not know how to properly respond. The Agency tries to get the case dismissed before you get to appear in person before the EEOC Administrative Judge.

EEO Enterprise LLC is a private legal service firm offering affordable,  experienced non-attorney representation to Federal Employees filing an EEO or MSPB Complaint. We represent Federal Employees against any Agency in any location, even overseas. Whether you are at Informal Counseling, Mediation, Formal Investigation, or  Administrative Hearing, contact us for a free consultation.

Our Representaives have represented employees against:


  • USPS - United States Postal Service

  • VA - Veterans Administration

  • TSA - Transportation Security Administration

  • DOJ - Dept. Of Justice

  • USA - United States Army

  • USAF -United States Air Force

  • IRS - Internal Revenue Service

  • BOP - Bureau of Prisons

  • DHS - Dept. of Homeland Security

  • DOA - Dept of Agriculture

  • DOI - Dept of Interior

  • DOD - Dept of Defense

  • ATF - Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms

  • DOT  - Dept of Transportation

  • DOC - Dept of Commerce

  • and more...

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