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About Federal E.R.


Federal Employee Representatives (or Federal ER, as we call ourselves) offers experienced non-attorney representatives to Federal Employees who need to file an EEO complaint or MSPB appeal. We can represent you at any point in the process, however, the earlier you contact us, the more we can do to help your case. Whether or not you select us to represent you, you should have experienced representation for your complaint.


Affordable Fees - Payment Plans Available


Our fees are typically far less than an attorney's. Why are we less expensive? Four reasons:


  • We are specialists. This is all we do, all day, everyday. We handle only Federal Employees filing EEO and MSPB. Because this is all we do, we are knowledgeable and highly efficient in handling our cases. By specializing in these cases, we can handle more at a lower cost, which means lower fees per case.


  • We work hand in hand with our clients. We recognize that while we make the arguments, all of the facts of the case must come from the client. As we handle the case, we will tell you the kind of information we need, and you will supply the facts. We then present the facts in the best way for your case, as legal arguments. We also keep out the things a client may feel are important but are either legally irrelevant, or distracting from the strength of your case. It is better to have a few very strong points. So we recognize that half of the work, pulling the facts together, and following our instructions, is done by our client.


  • We handle cases all over the country. With the exception of the actual Administrative Hearing, the investigation and the Admin Hearing stages are handled by phone, mail, and email. This lowers our costs.


  • To be blunt - Our representatives don’t make as much as lawyers. We love our jobs, but we are not the 1%-ers.


We love when potential clients calls  an attorney first, so they see how they are treated, and hear that they will have to pay an upfront retainer of 20k-30k. THEN when they call us. Once they see how knowledgeable and professional are our Representatives, they are confident in our represention. Plus you can pay just for the services you need, and the low monthly payments plans available.


Our initial consultation is free, so why not take the time to see how we can help you. We look forward to your call. Thank you.


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